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Here are some links filtered out from my bookmarks. Only those open to the public domain are given. For any suggestions or comments regarding this page, please contact me via Twitter.


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We emphasize primarily open-source and free software here considering the financial constraints of unaffiliated or obscurely placed people.

  • LaTeX is very useful for document preparation and mathematics typesetting.
  • Python is a general purpose programming language which is easy to read and comparatively pleasant to code in. See also SymPy, nymPy for numerical programming, PyCrypto for cryptography, NetworkX for network simulation and finally the beautiful IPython project and notebooks.
  • Sage aka SageMath is a free open-source package aiming to be an alternative to Magma, Maple, Mathematica and Matlab.
  • PARI/GP is a computer algebra system mainly focused on number theory.
  • Elliptic curve database of Cremona.
  • Regina for 3-manifolds.
  • Macaulay2 for algebraic geometry.
  • GAP for Computational Discrete Algebra, Groups, representations, etc.
  • R project for statistics and data science.



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